Biju Setu Yojana (Rural Bridges)

Besides funding from NABARD for construction of bridges, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India is also providing funds for construction of bridges on PMGSY roads, permissible under the guidelines of the scheme. Bridges are also being constructed out of the allocated funds to R.D. Department under WODC, Biju KBK, IAP, BRGF etc. But the existing schemes are unable to cater the requirements of the State. Hence the Government of Odisha has embarked upon a new initiative in formulating and launching the ambitious BijuSetuYojana (BSY) to bridge all the missing links on roads of R.D. Department.Biju SetuYojana was launched on 9th Oct. 2011 for construction of new bridges on RD roads and important P.S. roads to provide all-weather connectivity to the rural areas of the State. In addition to above, the Programme will also cover construction of bridges on strategic important PanchayatSamitee roads belonging to P.R. Department. The BSY as such has been formulated to provide an effective all-weather road network across the length and breadth of the state, so as to effectively meet the transportation needs of every sector, cost effectively.

Till 31.3.2018, 583 bridges have been completed and 288 bridges are in ongoing stage.
Sl NoDistrict in Which ImplimentedName of
R.W Division
Name of the Project / Work Provision (Rs. in lakh)
789-SCP for SC
1AngulAngulHL bridge over Tikira nallah at 2nd km on Bijigol - Karadi Road 150
2BalasoreBalasoreBridge over river Gangahar on Remuna Palasia road.118.52
3BalasoreBalasoreHL bridge over river Sono on Begunia - Totapada to Dumgandira road720
4BalasoreBalasore-IIHL bridge over river Kansabansa branch on R.D.Road to Baunshakhunta road430.16
5BalasoreJaleswarH.L. Bridge over Coast canal at 2nd km on Kulhadnada to Badatalapada road.100
6BalasoreJaleswarHL bridge over Coast canal at 4th km on Jaleswarpur - Batagraon road100
7BargarhBargarhHL bridge over river Jeera at 3rd km on Srigida to Bhadigaon road500
8BargarhBargarhBridge over river Ranj on Barguda to Bhatigaon road41.94
9BargarhPadmapurHL bridge over river Ong at 6th km on Kendubhatta chhak to Ganiapali road via Jamutpali Gaisilat block874.86
10BhadrakBhadrakHL bridge over river Salandi at 8.5km on RD road to Naripur road500
11BhadrakBhadrak-IIHL bridge over river Genguti at 2.0km on Aradi Nandapur road100
12BolangirBolangirHL bridge over LaxmiJore nallah at 3.100km on Budhisindol- Jamgaon Road (Puintala Block).82.49
13BolangirPatnagarhH.L. bridge over Lanth on Badimunda PMGSY road to Saintala400
14BolangirPatnagarhHL bridge over Kharkhadi nallah at 1st km on Sargipali - Tambipadar road200
15BolangirTitilagarhHL bridge over Under nallah at 1.5km on MDR 40 (Kholan) to Limpada road 500
16BolangirTitilagarhHL Bridge over Nagamanijore nallah on Lebda-Temera road 171.85
17BoudhBoudhBridge over Kusasinga Nallah on Jagannath R.D Road 317.92
18BoudhBoudhBridge over Somapaju nallah at 7/100 KM on Baghiapada-Somapaju-Panisal road201.22
19BoudhBoudhBridge over Somapaju nallah at 8/100 Km on Baghiapada-Somapaju-Panisal road.71.18
20BoudhBoudhHL bridge over river Tel at 2.1km on Ghantapada to Basasankar road1614.38
21GanjamBhanjanagarH.L. bridge over river Padma on Madhabapur-Dhanapur road325.63
22GanjamBhanjanagarHL bridge over river Rushikulya at 0.50km on NH-59 to Nuagaon via Kesara400
23GanjamGanjam-IIHL bridge over Salt Canal at 2nd km on NH-5 to Ghakharkuda road0
24GanjamGanjam-IIBridge over R.C. Canal at 1/200 KM on Langaldei-Mahurikalua road70
25GanjamGanjam-IIHL bridge over Bahana nallah at 2nd km on Bhabinipur main road to Laxminarsingha Nagar 2nd lane44.87
26JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurBridge over river Biluakhai on Dhanipur-Gelapur road via Kantilo Well foundation Span 10 x 30.63 mtr345.09
27JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurBridge over river Alaka at 7th Km. on Salijanga PMGSY road Khaleri via-Agarpur, Alijanga, Tanduani and Godida road 36.45
28JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurH.L. bridge over river Mahanadi at 1st KM on Aunlipatna -Kalikuda road0
29JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurHL bridge over Brudha river on Nausara to Manitira road 0
30JajpurJajpur-IBridge on River Kharasrota at 0.00 Km. on Kamalpurghat to Dhaudibandhaghat 315.79
31JajpurJajpur-IBridge over Kharasrota at 3rd Km. on Mainda Ghantiali road 150
32JajpurJajpur-IBridge over Gadagadi nallath at 2.15 Km and Nuamahara nallah at 5.10 Km on BCJ High School to Badakuanla road.0
33JajpurJajpur-IH.L. bridge over Ganda nallaha on R.D. Road (Mulasara) to Olala road.0
34JajpurJajpur-IBridge over Dudheinalla on MDR 14 to Dihasahi road for 2011-120
35JajpurJajpurHL bridge over Kottapur nallah at 3/300 KM on Pareswarpur -Kottapur road 79
36JajpurJajpurHL bridge over Hatagadia nallah on Rabana to Marthapur road168
37JharsugudaJharsugudaHL bridge over Sukhasudha nallah on Sukhasadha to Kakeimuhan road128.35
38KalahandiBhawanipatnaHL bridge over river Bansadhara on Gopinathpur-Niali road400
39KalahandiDharmagarhH.L. bridge over river Hati on Patrabasa - Badkutru G.P. Road225.3
40KalahandiDharmagarhHL bridge over river Tel at 12/500 KM on Dharamgarh-Farang road (Pandkul to Tambhachhada) road1115.42
41KalahandiDharmagarhHL bridge over river Hati at1st km on Temra to Kadopadar road711.34
42KalahandiKesingaHL bridge over Local Nallah at 0.900km on N.H.-201 to Themra road98.43
43KalahandiKesingaHL bridge over river Tel at 2nd km on Belkhandi temple to Kansar road1000
44KendraparaKendrapara-IIBridge over Hansua Creek on Sidhamula Baunsanali road0
45KeonjharAnandapurBridge over Remal river on keshdurapal- Brahmanipal Road at R.D 14/800 km146.45
46KeonjharAnandapurBridge over Baitarani river on Ambo-Batto Road1033.72
47KhordhaKhordhaHL bridge over Salia water channel at 2nd km on Tumuraput to Sahaspur road477.29
48MalkangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Local nallah on Rabanaguda - Kacheli road 0
49MalkangiriMalkangiri-IIHL Bridge over local nallah near Tatiguda on Dumuka to Bhejangiwada road 160
50MalkangiriMalkangiri-IBridge over river Poteru on Old Chitapari -Balimela township road284.47
51MalkangiriMalkangiri-IIHL bridge over Local nallah on Rakhelguda to MV-26 road 250
52MalkangiriMalkangiri-IIHL bridge over Local nallah on Kamaliguda - Pitagatta road 300
53MayurbhanjBaripadaBridge over Budhabalanga on Khuntapal-Darkhuli road84
54NayagarhNayagarh-IH.L. bridge over river Kuanria on Sardhapur-Dholamara road.196.19
55NayagarhNayagarh-IIHL bridge over Rampalli Nallah at 1.8km on Balanda Gundurisahi road101.31
56NuapadaKhariarBridge over river Dahanapali on Kulekela-Dahanapali road107.74
57PuriNimapadaH.L. bridge over river Kadua on Mandupada Chitra to Gorual Panchana road583.22
58PuriNimaparaHL bridge over river Kadua at 0.300 km on Santarasha to Kantimala road in Kakatpur block581.36
59PuriPuriBridge over river Bhargabi near Patharapada at 4th KM on Khurunti Chhaka to Kaplieswarpur road .312.12
60PuriPuriHL Bridge over river Luna at 9th km on Siruli - Karamal road400
61SambalpurKuchindaHL bridge over river Sankhabhaguni at 4th km on Dhudipali-Fatamunda road near Manapali road250
62SambalpurSambalpurBridge over Maltijore Nallah on Padiabahal-Panposi Road167.46
63SonepurSonepurHL bridge over river Jeera on Hutuma -Haripali road.750
64SundargarhSundargarh-IHL bridge over Nahana nallah on Sargipali to Kurobaga road20
Sub Total:15978.04
65BalasoreBalesore-IH.L. Bridge over Palpala nallah at 2nd km on Sahada to Badhan road62.24
66DeogarhDeogarhH.L. bridge over Kalajeera Nallah on NH6 to Bhalumunda road 141.18
67GajapatiGajapatiH.L. bridge over local nallah on Dhepa to Abeda PS road 90.39
68GajapatiMohanaBridge over local nallah at 2/260 KM on R.Udayagiri Sambalpur road at 2/260 Km40
69GajapatiMohanaSteel Bridge over Kamalpadar nallah on Kamalpadar Kendupadar road (Span 1x59.872 m)30
70GajapatiMohanaBridge over local nallah at 0/0 Km on Nuagada Keradanga road40
71GajapatiMohanaBridge over Athara nallah on Mohana-Kirtongi PMGSY road 150
72GajapatiMohanaHL bridge over river Harabhangi on PWD road to Bhaliasahi road200
73JhasugudaJhasugudaH.L. bridge over river Safei at 0/500 km. on Bhuara - Kinjirima road224.86
74KalahandiBhawanipatnaBridge over River Hati Talmala Bainriguda Road0
75KandhamalBaligudaHL bridge over river Chauldhua at 1st km on Rodiguma - Judabali road via Gumapadar near Jamghat168.83
76KandhamalBaligudaH.L. bridge over Raula to Tumudibandha-Sirala road380.75
77KandhamalPhulbaniH.L. bridge over local nallah at 1st Km on PWD road to Bakingia road0
78KandhamalPhulbaniHL bridge over Giruti nallah on Gardingia - Giruti - Katadi road200
79KandhamalPhulbaniHL bridge over river Bagh near Bagali on Kashinipadar - Ujumspa via. Dimbiriguda -road250
80KandhamalPhulbaniH.L. bridge over river Salki in Kainjhar-Nuasahi road 250
81KeonjharAnandapurHL bridge over river Salandi at 1st km near Hadagarh Shiva Mandir to Kusatikiri road 667.39
82KeonjharKeonjhar-IBridge over Aradei River on Raisuan-Sahadapur road at 3rd. Km0
83KeonjharKeonjhar-IBridge over Local (Aradei) Nallah at 2nd Km. on Jamudiha-Bistapal road.300
84KeonjharKeonjhar-IBridge over river Baitarani on Chilida-Rajnagar road.200
85KeonjharKeonjhar-IH.L.Bridge over Machhakandana on N.H.-215 to Ambuapada via Valiadiha0
86KeonjharKeonjhar-IHL bridge over river Baitarani at 17th km on Mangalpur-Bhimkund road400
87KeonjharKeonjhar-IHL bridge over Budhi nallah on Ankalpada to Pandapada road 200
88KeonjharKeonjhar-IIBridge over Aradei Nallah on Karanjia-Remuli road267.48
89KeonjharKeonjhar-IIH.L. bridge over river Baitarani at 8th km. near Satighat on Bamebari-Jhumpura road605.21
90KeonjharKeonjhar-IIBridge over Bhaluka nallah on Karanjia-Remulei road0
91KeonjharKeonjhar-IIBridge over river Baitarani on Kutraposi-Champua road.169.34
92KeonjharKeonjhar-IIBridge over river Baitarani on Uchabali-Uttarposi road 1059.8
93KeonjharKeonjhar-IIH.L.Bridge over river Baitarani at 1.50km on Patua Kandra-Basantapur road652.3
94KeonjharKeonjhar-IIHL bridge over river Baitrani at 0.5km on Uchhabali - Purunapani road, Joda block in Keonjhar district.200
95KeonjharAnandapurHL bridge over river Kalinjar at 3rd km on Junga to Thakur-Kalimati road337.34
96KoraputJeyporeHL bridge over Jahara nallah at 1st km on Bhars i- Machhahandi road200
97KoraputJeyporeHL bridge over river Teluguni at 1st km on Kurukuti-Gujuniguda road 200
98KoraputJeyporeH.L. bridge over Porli nallah at 1/700 km on Porli-Nandarla road246.26
99KoraputJeyporeH.L. bridge over Teluguri River at 3rd km on Nuagam-Narigam road290.55
100KoraputJeyporeH.L.bridge over river Indravati at 5th km on Bodigaon-Bhitarabadi road.200
101KoraputKoraputH.L. bridge over Kurli Nallah at 4th km on Kenduguda Baligam road under Boipariguda Block168.45
102KoraputKoraputH.L. bridge over Kukudagada nallah on Doraguda to Baliguda road 337.07
103KoraputSunabedaBridge over Hanjaraguda nallah on Semiliguda Hanjaraguda road (P.S Road) 2 spans of 30.63mtr65.13
104KoraputSunabedaH.L. bridge over Local nallah on Kadamguda to Phuldoba638.27
105KoraputSunabedaHL bridge over river Jhanjabati on RD road to Kanaka road9.84
106MalakangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Local nallah on Atalguda - Sarangpally road 510.54
107MalakangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Local nallah on Dyke-III -Nakamamudi road 254.18
108MalakangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Local nallah on K.Gumma - Naliguda road 117.33
109MalakangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Local nallah on Kandel - Simagandhi road 128.74
110MalakangiriMalakangiri-IHL bridge over Nuaguda nallah on Bandhamamudi - Nakamamudi road 50
111MalakangiriMalakangiri-IH.L. Bridge over Gariaguda nallah at 4th KM on Pedaguda to Daudaguda Road0
112MalakangiriMalkangiri-IIHL bridge over Danguskhal nala near Danguskhal to Matapaka road in Challanguda G.P.110.49
113MayurbhanjBaripadaBridge over river Gangahar on Nunukua-Bhurudia road142.72
114MayurbhanjBaripadaH.L. bridge over river Budhabalanga at 3rd km on Itamundia to Paikabasa road308.77
115MayurbhanjBaripadaH.L. bridge over river Katra at 1st km on Upperbeda-Ambadiha road 31.38
116MayurbhanjBaripadaHL bridge over Nuani nallah at 0.500km near Bhangaghat on Dasanapada-Chadalda road104.02
117MayurbhanjBaripadaHL bridge over river Budhabanaga at 9.75km on NH-5 - Buddhikhamari - Jamdapal road 700
118MayurbhanjBaripadaHL bridge over river Gangahar at 3rd km on PWD road (Jadida Chhak) - Dumuria road228
119MayurbhanjBaripadaHL bridge over river Jambhira at 1st km on Gholmuhan - Khuntapal road 700
120MayurbhanjKaranjiaHL bridge over river Khairi Bhandan at 0.400km on Kapanda to Suanpal road 784.81
121MayurbhanjKaranjiaHL bridge over river Budhabalanga at 1st km on Hijili-Basantpur Road 785.78
122MayurbhanjKaranjiaHL bridge over river Deo at 2.200km on PWD road to Baikala via Bhanraposi road 464.98
123MayurbhanjKaranjiaHL bridge over Andharijori nallah at 0/300 KM on Budhikhamari -Chadripahali road 179.66
124MayurbhanjRairangpurHL bridge over Tendra nallah at 5th km on Jamda - Tendra road 56.75
125NabarangapurNabarangapur-IH.L. bridge over river Indrabati at 18th km. on Kodinga - Chirma - Nadighat RD road1361.21
126NabarangpurNabarangapur-IHL bridge over river Bhaskel at 5th km on Ekori to Jhatiaguda road.610.33
127NabarangpurNabarangapur-IHL bridge over river Indravati river at 0.500km on Dudriguda to Ghatarla road730
128NabarangpurNabarangapur-IIHL bridge over Local nallah at 1st km on Anchala to Kadamali (C.G.)150
129NabarangpurNabarangapur-IIHL bridge over river Nagi at 1st km on Janiguda -Talpadar road200
130NabarangpurNabarangapur-IIBridge over river Tel on Koilimunda to Birighat road 503.55
131NabarangpurNabarangapur-IIBridge over river Tel on Sandhimunda -Kharipokhana road405
132NayagarhNayagarh-IIH.L. bridge over local nallah on NH-224 to Raita - Odasara226.97
133RayagadaGunupurConstruction of HL Bridge over river Phalphalia at 50 th KM on Padampur-Gudari-Raibiji road341.66
134RayagadaRayagadaH.L. bridge over Jhanjabati river on PWD road to Bhatakhal road149
135RayagadaGunupurHL bridge over Local nallah at 3.0km on Maring to Sampini road 478.5
136RayagadaRayagadaHL bridge over river Bansadhara at 1.00km on Karamuhana - Kumudabali road200
137RayagadaRayagadaHL bridge over river Nagabali at 0.700km on Hatseshkhal to Khilmisguda road300
138RayagadaRayagadaConst.of H.L.Bridge over river Kalyani at 0/500 km on PMGSY road to Palakhaman road 300
139RayagadaRayagadaConst. of H.L.Bridge over local nallah at 1/700 km on PMGSY road to Paduguda road250
140RayagadaRayagadaConstruction of HL Bridge over river Sananadi on PWD road to K. Maligaon road 524
141RayagadaRayagadaConstruction of HL Bridge over river Kalyani on Khambaribhatta to Singari road250
142RayagadaRayagadaExtension to H.L.Bridge over river Kalyani at 0/400 km on K.Singpur to Parsali road 300
143RayagadaRayagadaExtension to H.L.Bridge over river Nagabali at 4th km on Antamoda-Denduli-Therubali road300
144SambalpurSambalpurHL bridge over Haradjore nallah on Pithampur to Kaleswartikira road380.89
145SambalpurSambalpurHL bridge over river Tikira at 3rd km on Jharbeda to Kutasinga road575.54
146SundargarhRourkelaHL bridge over river Brahmani on SH-10 to Tendra via. Subra road700
147SundargarhRourkelaBridge over Kacheru nallah at 4th km on Kuarmunda Kacharu Road 18.15
148SundargarhRourkelaHL bridge over Bankasal nallah at 0.700km on Mahuldiha - Talbahali RD road80
149SundargarhRourkelaHL bridge over local nallah on NH -143 to Kansar road 90.96
150SundargarhRourkelaH.L. bridge over Deo at 1st km on Khuntgaon Lankoi road 184.33
151SundargarhRourkelaHL bridge over river Deo at 1st km on Semerta - Mitkundri road300
152SundargarhSundargarhBridge over Tambu nallah at 7th Km on Sanbarsa-Tarkera Road 275.5
153SundargarhSundargarhH.L. bridge over River Safei in Medha to Jarmal road241
154SundargarhRourkelaHL bridge over local nallah at 9th KM on Birkera to Badadalki road 250
155SundargarhSundargarhHL bridge over Basundhara nallah at 4th KM on Balabandha to Bileibahal road in Lefripada Block 267.85
Sub Total:26245.27
800- OE
156AngulAngulHL bridge over Bauli nallah at 0.150km on Phulpada -Soantrapur road271.34
157AngulAngulHL bridge over Sandhapal Nallah at 3.200km on Himitira to Dohali via Sandhapal Road410.94
158AngulAngulHL bridge over river Aunli at 0.600km on Dangapal -Bhejidiha - Gadamandal road492.78
159AngulAngulHL bridge over Jautak Nallah at 2nd km on Phapand to Jeyporeroad65.85
160AngulAngulHL Bridge over Lingara nallah near Jarada on Paripada-Jarada road93.28
161BalasoreBalasore-IBridge over river Jalaka on Badadhanadi to Koilisahi Road 462
162BalasoreBalasore-IBridge over Dubdubi nallah on Lumnakhundi Kasafal Ghamagadia Via Sahu Chhak Ferry Ghat road300
163BalasoreBalasore-IH.L. bridge over Bankatira nallah on NH-5 to Ambulakuda road54.85
164BalasoreBalasore-IBridge over Budhabalanga on Ambulkuda-Gandara road194
165BalasoreBalasore-IBridge over Budhabalanga on Kasimpur-Haldia road 400
166BalasoreBalasore-IBridge over river Sono on Sajanagarh-Ajodhya-Tindesh road472.42
167BalasoreBalasore-IH.L. Bridge over river Budhabalanga on Kashipur - Kosimila road500
168BalasoreBalasore-IHL bridge over river Sono at 3rd km on Nuapadhi PWD road to Ghungi road via-Boitabank 807.12
169BalasoreBalasore-IIHL bridge over Kansabansha nallah at 3rd km on Bhatapada to Bauripada via Kasimpur & Taranga436.38
170BalasoreJaleswarBridge over Subarnarekha river at 14th Km on Raibania O.T. road 120
171BalasoreJaleswarHL bridge over river Subrnarekha at 1st km on Churmara-Chaughari road300
172BalasoreJaleswarH.L.bridge over river Guasul on Gandhimaidan to Chirkula near Barbatia road150
173BargarhBargarhH.L. bridge over river Koliarijore connecting Haladipalli to Deula tunda119.31
174BargarhBargarhBridge over Jeera river on Jamdol to Dubenapali77.39
175BargarhBargarhBridge over river Jeera on RD road-Launsara via Malipali road110.36
176BargarhBargarhH.L. bridge over river Ranj Nadi on Kumbhari G.P. To Patakulunda G.P. 151.54
177BargarhPadampurBridge over river Uttali on Patharla-Tuhilamal road41.84
178BargarhPadmapurHL bridge over river Ong on Deuli to Nagenamal road of Padmapur block926.45
179BhadrakBhadrak-IBridge over River Dhala on Natiapal to Padmapur Birasa PWD Road via Mathurapur300
180BhadrakBhadrak-IBridge over Salandi on L54 to Deulipal at 2.40 K.M114.7
181BhadrakBhadrak-IH.L. Bridge over Salandi river at 1st K.M. On P.W.D road to Srirampur219.34
182BhadrakBhadrak-IH.L.Bridge over Nua Mantei river at 3rd km on Nischintapur-Padmapur Birasa PWD road via Madhupur318.39
183BhadrakBhadrak-IBridge over River Salandi on Charigaon Chakrapadhi Road95.41
184BhadrakBhadrak-IHL bridge over river Nalia at 1.50km on PWD road to Langudi Mahadev Sahi road137.16
185BhadrakBhadrak-IIH.L. Bridge over Dhanantori Nallah on R.D. Road to Jaguali Chhanda road100
186BhadrakBhadrak-IIBridge over Baitarani connecting R.D.Road to Balipatna and Ahias Kamalpur rd.100
187BhadrakBhadrak-IIHL bridge over river Nuanai at 5.80km on PWD road to Ajodhya 95.52
188BhadrakBhadrak-IIHL bridge over river Baitarini at 4.70km on Khadipada-Anandapur road800
189BolangirBolangirHL bridge over Dantia nallah at 1st km on rinbanchan to Budhisindol road48.76
190BolangirBolangirHL Bridge over river Suktel on Kutumtula to Kusmel road280.46
191BolangirTitilagarhHL bridge over Kankadajore Nallah at 0.5km on Lenjha - Bhatipada road322.11
192BolangirTitlagarhBridge over Arjuni nallah on Biripur-Tetelapada road200.53
193BoudhBoudhHL bridge over Sagadia nallah at 1st KM on Bhaliaguda -Thakurmunda road 67.49
194CuttackCuttack-IH.L.bridge over Dead Paika at Raghunathpur on Hanuman Mandir Chhak-Kalarabanka via-Neutiakana road160.78
195CuttackCuttack-IBridge over Jahalnai on Chapada-Kanpur road 90.75
196CuttackCuttack-IBridge over Mendhakhai Jora on NH-5 to Champapur Anandabazar Road.62.53
197CuttackCuttack-IS.B. over Gobari on Chahapada Kanpur Road at Jankoti of Rs.276.00 lakhs.78.46
198CuttackCuttack-IBridge over river Kathajodi near Paramahansa at 8th KM on Kadampada-Kharipadia-Dahigaon-Routraypur road323.7
199CuttackCuttack-IBridge over Sedhua nallah on Khurunti Khalarda Road340.54
200CuttackCuttack-IHL bridge over Gandha nadi at 3rd km on Agrahat Bisinahakani road to Petkarandi road via Purohitpur & Talapada1469.23
201CuttackCuttack-IHL bridge over Chitroptola at 10th km on Barkolia-Nagaspur RD road
202CuttackCuttack-IHL bridge over river Devi at 16th km on Mahidharpada to Govindpur road2475.11
203CuttackCuttack-IHL bridge over river Birupa at 7th km on Souri - Rameswar road1386.68
204CuttackCuttack-IHL Bridge over river Kandal on Pahanga-Kalakha road
205CuttackCuttack-IH.L.bridge over river Devi on Rahamba to Baredia road2113.77
206CuttackCuttack-IIHL Bridge over Dhania nallah on Mitikapur Hatibari road 160.78
207CuttackCuttack-IIBridge over Puri main Cenal on Ratagarh Godisahi Road(6x10.77 mtr)214.68
208CuttackCuttack-IIBridge over Sapua nallah on Katakisahi-Balisahi road343.28
209CuttackCuttack-IIBridge over river Sapua near Regadapada at 3/500 KM on Nuabandha ( PWD road) to Sankarpur Chhaka road336.54
210CuttackCuttack-IIH.L.bridge over Baradhara nallah on Paika Regeda - Nuagaon road214.53
211CuttackCuttack-IIHL bridge over Dampatipur nallah at 0.580km on Sanatanibati - Mahuria road102.52
212CuttackCuttack-IIHL bridge over river Rana at 3.200km on Haldipada to Karabaroad523.64
213CuttackCuttack-IIHL bridge over Khali Nallah at 1.100 km on Ekdal - Ganagana road515.57
214DeogarhDeogarhHL bridge on Ghogijori nallah at 1st km on Landijhari to Madhyapur road489.42
215KalahandiDharmagarhH.L. bridge over river Tel near Badachergaon on Badachergaon - Tentelpada - Themra road714.51
216DhenkanalDhenkanalHL bridge over Ostia nallah at 1.56okm on Gondia to Santhasar road 231.84
217DhenkanalDhenkanalHL bridge over Badajora Nallah at 1.25km on Bedapada - Ghodadian road214.17
218DhenkanalDhenkanalHL bridge over Badajore nallah at 1.050km on Mandapal- Kotpal road57.55
219DhenkanalKamakhya nagarHL bridge over Mahapatia nallah at 2nd km on Khajuria-Makuakateni road 131.46
220Dhenkanal Dhenkanal H.L. bridge over Badajore nallah on Govindpur -Hundisahi P.R.Road124.12
221GajapatiGajapatiBridge on Padmapur Jeeba RD road at 0/750Km15
222GanjamGanjam -IIH.L.bridge over river Baghua at 3rd Km on Brahmanachai to Bolosara road 0
223GanjamGanjam -IIH.L.bridge over river Ghodahada on Somepur - Singipur road320
224GanjamGanjam -IIBridge over Nandini Nallah at 2nd Km on Kurula chhaka to Gothagam via Mahurikana road234.78
225GanjamGanjam -IIH.L. bridge over Nandini nallah Raktapata to Gambhariguda road34.37
226GanjamGanjam -IIH.L. bridge over Ramanadi at 9/3 km on Dengaosta PWD road to Kaithakhandi via N.K.Pintha.98.06
227GanjamBhanjanagarHL bridge over river Badanadi at 5.0km on Maharajpur to Jagdalpur road600
228GanjamBhanjanagarHL bridge over river Kokalaba nallah at 2nd KM on PWD road to Baradanda road250
229GanjamBhanjanagarHL bridge over Mandiaghai nallah at 1st km on R.D. road to Chitipalli via Gambharigocha road113.84
230GanjamGanjam-IHL bridge over Ludubudi nallah at 2nd km on SH-30 to Beruanbadi road0
231GanjamGanjam-IHL bridge over river Baghua at 2nd km on Balichai- Ghodapalana road 180
232GanjamGanjam-IHL bridge over river Rishikulya at 4th km on Pratapur-Handighar-Achuli Jn. Road200
233GanjamGanjam-IHLBridge over river Baghua at 1st KM on Bhamasiali-Golia road30
234GanjamGanjam-IBridge over Jayamangala nallah on Sunathara to Mahanandapur road150
235GanjamBhanjanagarHL Bridge over Sananadi at 1st KM on Gallery to Barahakuda via Bhurudupali road150
236GanjamBhanjanagarH.L.Bridge over Giringia nallah at 2nd KM on Masabadi to Dangabhumi via Matigadia road200
237GanjamGanjam-IIHL bridge over river Bahuda at 0.500km on Puhundi Belapada road 350
238GanjamGanjam-IIHL bridge over Pilli Nallah at 2.9 km on Khajaplli Kanchudu via-Mahanaplli road 56.71
239GanjamGanjam-IIHL bridge over river Ghoadahada at 3.850km on Erenda to Patharapunji road300
240JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurBridge over river Jatadhari near Baliamara on Manapur Kandha road to Gadakujnga via Bhuinpal508.63
241JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurH.L. bridge on Borikina-Sumuda road at Balisahi89.75
242JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurBridge over river Devi near Dahanikhia on Machhagaon Asilo road204
243JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurHL bridge over Saunlia nallah at 2.500km near Barakolianta on Gobindapur - Sompur road390.68
244JagatsinghpurJagatsinghpurHL bridge over river Gobari at 4th km on Osakana to Dhuanpada road876.1
245JajpurJajpur-IH.L. Bridge over Naka nallah on Tandra - Barei road109
246JajpurJajpur-IBridge over Chingudia nallah on Bari Binjharpur road0
247JajpurJajpur-IBridge over Ordapal nallah on TISCO gate to Deogaon road 0
248JajpurJajpur-IBridge on River Budha on Matabaja to Ankula-Panikoili road 10
249JajpurJajpur-I2 nos H.L. bridges over river Brahamni on Jhalpada Brahamabrada G.P. Routarpur G.P, Samantrapur G.P400
250JajpurJajpur-IH.L. bridge over river Budha on Champa - Chanda road112.5
251JajpurJajpur-IHL bridge over river Brahmami near Anikana on Golkanda-Indupur road 700
252JajpurJajpur-IHL bridge over Kani nallah at 0.700km & Bhatia nallah at 2.500km on RD road to Sadabrata PMGSY road0
253JajpurJajpur-IHL bridge over river Baitarani at 7.00km on Barundei to Bandalo road800
254JajpurJajpur-IIBridge over river Kuanria at 6/000 Km. on Rahadpur to Kampalu road 139.14
255JajpurJajpur-IIH.L. bridge over Rahasola Nallah on the Nuasunguda Khetrapal road at 0.50 km38.19
256JajpurJajpur-IIH.L. bridge over river Kelua from Arabal to Rambhapur road.690.08
257JajpurJajpur-IIHL bridge over Sagadia nallah at 1st km on Narasinghpur - Pipalidiha road125.16
258JharsugudaJharsugudaH.L. bridge over river Bheden Hirma to Malda road
259JharsugudaJharsugudaHL bridge over Balijodi nallah on Bhimjore to Budhapada via Kolapada road83.14
260KalahandiBhawanipatnaH.L. bridge over river Pipal nallah on Kamthana to Ghusurigudi
261KalahandiKesingaH.L. bridge over river Mangalijore nallah on Jogipala to Sahajpati403.4
262KandhamalBaligudaBridge over Gandharaguda nallah at 8/6th km.on Subarnagiri Budaguda road.60.91
263KendrapadaKendrapada-IBridge over river Birupa at 1st KM on Chhoti-Mugabari road 1000
264KendraparaKendrapada-IBridge over Gobari dead channel on Bagadia Dasipur PMGSY Road100
265KendraparaKendrapada-IH.L. bridge over Ashrunkhala Nallah at Mantei on Nuapada Antei R.D. Road to Manikpur Batira R.D. Road150
266KendraparaKendrapada-IH.L. bridge over Gobari on Khairbad Allijanga to Chakada Baranga Nagapura P.R. road216.55
267KendraparaKendrapada-IBridge over Kharianga dead river on Podal to Jamdhar road. 0
268KendraparaKendrapada-IBridge over Sarumuhin Nallah on Adoi to Sarumuhin road (1span of 25.35mtr.)100
269KendraparaKendrapada-IBridge over Tantiapal Nallah on Gunthi-Tantiapal road (1span of 25.35mtr.)80
270KendraparaKendrapara-IIHL Bridge over river Brahmani Creek on Kerdagarha to Chandanpur road (1 span of 25.35mt)0
271KendraparaKendrapada-IHL bridge over river Paika at 5.00km on Talakusuma - Lankapada RD road700
272KendraparaKendrapara-IIHL Bridge over river Baitarani at 7th Km.on Pegarapada Manpur road0
273KendraparaKendrapara-IIH.L. bridge over Kharasrota Sakha Nallah on Habalaganda Patna Chhal to Boulajodidia roat at 1st km79.07
274KendraparaKendrapara-IIBridge over Peta nallah at 5th km on Domunda to Kanpur road 56.76
275KendraparaKendrapara-IIBridge over Peta on Singhpur Rajkanika (R&B) Road to Hatasahi via-Agaada Gahampal Batapada250.38
276KendraparaKendrapara-IIBridge over river Kani on PWD road-Padinipal road.0
277KendraparaKendrapara-IIBridge over river Kharasrota on Nuabazar-Balitarghat road.0
278KeonjharAnandapurBridge over river Kusei at 1st KM on Batto-Panchupalli road 500
279KhordhaBhubaneswarH.L. bridge over river Kuakhai on Jhinkiridihi to Pratapnagar road.750.08
280KhordhaBhubaneswarH.L. bridge over Gangua nallah on Bikipur to Kuha road.291.47
281KhordhaBhubaneswarH.L. bridge over river Malaguni on Nirakarpur to Talapada road414.71
282KhordhaBhubaneswarH.L. bridge over river Hadanala from Bankoi to Binodpada via Kanteilo of Bolagarh Block.74.64
283KhordhaBhubaneswar H.L. bridge over Kusabhadra at 14/990 km. connecting Sisu Ananata Pitha-Jayadev Pitha 974.01
284KhordhaBhubaneswar HL bridge over Kochiakhala nallah at 4th km on Gadamanitir - Chhiam Kurum road 75.01
285KhordhaBhubaneswar HL bridge over Kalajhari nallah (Pandara Fuka) at 4.04 km on Daya west Branch canal - Padasahi Chhak to Bhotapada Road542.58
286KhordhaBhubaneswar HL bridge over river Gangua on Daya river embankment -Tikarapada-Panchagaon R.D. road505.83
287KhordhaBhubaneswar HL bridge over Dhanua nallah at Achutpur Escape channel on Bhargavi left Embankment377.45
288KhordhaBhubaneswarHL bridge over Baunasalanallah at 0.700 km on P.W.D road (Mangalajodi) to Tarimi road95.31
289KoraputSunabedaBridge over Local Nallah on Mattamput P.W.D. Road to Udapada Road. (2 x 30.63mtr.)121.64
290KoraputJeyporeBridge over Sobhaput nallah on Hataguda-Pantalung road739.76
291NabarangapurNabarangapur-IH.L. bridge over river Turi on Bhatrasiuni - Bhatrasirsi road258.65
292NabarangapurNabarangapur-IH.L. bridge over river Bhaskel at 2nd Km on Badagumuda to Kottagam road547.25
293NabarangapurNabarangapur-IH.L.bridge over Gunighat nallah at 1st km on Kongara - Timanpur road267.79
294NayagarhNayagarh-IH.L. Bridge over river Kusumi on Mardarajpur-Bodasa Road166.92
295NayagarhNayagarh-IBridge over river Kusumi on Angisingi-Dhusuma Road 119.45
296NayagarhNayagarh-IBridge over river Kusumi on Khandapada-Banamalipur road 424.57
297NayagarhNayagarh-IBridge over Nagajhar nallah on 4th Km of Godipada Kakalaipalli road74.33
298NayagarhNayagarh-IH.L. bridge over river Duanto on Sanagorada to Bhaliadihi via. Bilagorada road152.49
299NayagarhNayagarh-IH.L. bridge over river Sulia on Udayapur Pallisasana road79.24
300NayagarhNayagarh-IHL bridge over river Kuanria at 0.600km on Giridipalli - Mangarajpur road200
301NayagarhNayagarh-IHL bridge over river Lunijhara on Khedabarana -Saluni road300
302NayagarhNayagarh-IHL Bridge over Hada nallah at 1st km on Katakpada - Chuda road200
303NayagarhNayagarh-IIBridge over Brutanga river on Banigochha to Dasanipada Road35.63
304NuapadaKhariarHL bridge over river Sunder at 1st Km on Gordhuapadar to Birighat road 400
305NuapadaKhariarH.L.Bridge over River Sananadi at 2nd Km near Baghiharan on Tukla Plasakhanda Road88.26
306NuapadaKhariarH.L. bridge over River Udanti on Kopia to Hatibandha road596.43
307NuapadaNuapadaHL bridge over river Jonk at 2nd km on Khutamanbhera to Torra Road703.08
308PuriNimapada H.L. Bridge over River Devi at 0.00 Km on Talada - Dihakarada road 834.34
309PuriNimapadaH.L. bridge over river Kushabhadra on Dalanai Balikapileswar road659.95
310PuriNimaparaH.L. Bridge over River Kadua on Palabasta Tellkud road under Biju Setu Yojana172.07
311PuriNimaparaH.L.Bridge over River Prachi on Somanathpur Tavagorada road under Biju Setu Yojana.130.1
312PuriNimaparaH.L.Bridge over River Dhanua at 0/350 KM on Dekhanta-Dihasahi- Ankushpur road .506.27
313PuriPuriBridge over Dhanua on Sanapalli Podapada Road 106.2
314PuriPuriH.L. bridge over local nallah at 1st Km on Maligaon Singhberhampur road181.39
315PuriPuriH.L. bridge over river Bhargavi on NH-203 TO Kanchi Bridge approach road215.24
316PuriPuriBridge over Ratnachira on Siruli Karamala Road104.22
317PuriPuriHL Bridge over river Bhargavi at 1st km on Tinikudi to Balikera -Rahadamala road290.3
318PuriPuriH.L.bridge over river Luna on Nikhil - Gobindpur - Majhipada road400
319PuriPuriH.L.bridge over river Daya on Jagulaipadar to Gadishagada road400
320PuriPuriHL bridge over river Daya at 5th km on Kumudal - Basantpur road to Aragad road of Delanga block700
321PuriPuriHL bridge over river Malaguni at 2nd km on N.J. Sadak to Kesharpur road. of Kanas block450
322SonepurSonepurBridge over river Tel at 4th km. on Hardakhole- Baidyanath road823.92
323SonepurSonepurHL bridge over river Ong on Julunda to Balpur road750
324SonepurSonepurH.L. Bridge over Gurandi nallah on Kainskanda - Kapasira road329.75
325SonepurSonepurH.L. Bridge over river Suktel on Kumunde - Bileisarda road594.14
326SundargarhRourkelaBridge over Brahmani nallah on Lathikata Timjore road172.75
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