CHC at Jhimidipeta under ACA for LWE effected district for 2013-14 (IAP)

Jimidipeta village is situated 13.00 km away from District Head Quarter Rayagada.There was no medical facility for the people .At the time of emergency case like delivery, accident etc. , the people used to come to Rayagada.Some times the patients were dying on the way to Rayagada. Construction of CHC Jimidipeta was a main demand of the  Public. Jimidipeta is a railway point surrounded by near about 40 villages having population more than 8000. But due to non availability of medical facilities the inhabitants of nearby villages as well as Jimidipeta panchatya were suffering a lot.  The CHC Building Jimidipeta is consists of operation thearter, OPD, IPD etc.After functioning of the CHC the long felt demand of that locality has been fulfilled.